2011: It’s A Wrap! (Sort of)

When you look back on 2011, I hope you look back with love.

2011 was when you spent three hours walking around the city, searching for an obscure pizzeria that only he had ever heard of (and which you suspect no longer exists, if it ever really did). The side streets seemed like some lost and unknown kingdom, and you two were there to uncover its secrets. Or maybe just each other’s secrets. You talked and talked and talked, and it felt like you would never run out of things to say. An endless stretch of sidewalk and a nonstop stream of conversation, and you didn’t even give a fuck about the pizza.

2011 was when you locked eyes across the dark, crowded room, and you just knew that he and you would be something special. You were so busy falling all over the dance floor that you didn’t even notice you were falling in love, under the strobe lights and booming bass. “I looked at you and I knew I had to meet you,” he said. So he did. And from the first time your hands touched, there was that electric feel that seemed to warm you from your toes to your nose. It was maybe the first time you ever truly believed in destiny, because how else could you explain it: you could have been anywhere. And yet there you were.

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How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love…Animal Print Harem Pants

In Malcolm Gladwell’s book The Tipping Point, he talked about innovators and how this group of people basically create and perpetuate our concept of cool. While I hardly think of myself as one of these adventurous folks, I do identify with the early innovators, the more cautious people who keep an eye on trends and are a little more discerning about what to try. I’ve always been one of the first people to get on the train, so to speak. But it’s not easy to know which trends will catch on and which will die out faster than you can quote Andy Warhol.

Case in point: remember Google Wave? I was a fan. It was really more of a Google Ripple, in the end. So you can understand my hesitation when Google+ rolled out.

Here are some other things that I’ve resisted, even fought, and then, embraced:

  • Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against quiet little movies or indie darlings. I just wasn’t that excited to spend time with a movie where (basically) nothing happens – no major plot twist, no major drama, no major anything. (See that poster?) The first fifteen minutes made me quit on this movie, twice.

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The Bucket Hindi List

I’m quite a forgetful person. I forget small things – grocery items, phone numbers, where I put my pen. I’ve forgotten the name of my elementary PhysEd teacher (who didn’t like me very much, even though it’s really not my fault that I wasn’t born a natural athlete). I’ve forgotten the name of that floating restaurant in Hong Kong with the yummy crabs. Don’t worry, I remember important things.

Or do I.

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