How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love…Animal Print Harem Pants

In Malcolm Gladwell’s book The Tipping Point, he talked about innovators and how this group of people basically create and perpetuate our concept of cool. While I hardly think of myself as one of these adventurous folks, I do identify with the early innovators, the more cautious people who keep an eye on trends and are a little more discerning about what to try. I’ve always been one of the first people to get on the train, so to speak. But it’s not easy to know which trends will catch on and which will die out faster than you can quote Andy Warhol.

Case in point: remember Google Wave? I was a fan. It was really more of a Google Ripple, in the end. So you can understand my hesitation when Google+ rolled out.

Here are some other things that I’ve resisted, even fought, and then, embraced:

    • Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against quiet little movies or indie darlings. I just wasn’t that excited to spend time with a movie where (basically) nothing happens – no major plot twist, no major drama, no major anything. (See that poster?) The first fifteen minutes made me quit on this movie, twice.

    • It takes a looong time to get sucked in, but when you do, it is so worth it. Elle Fanning really shines as Cleo, the daughter of apathetic movie star Johnny Marco (Stephen Dorff). He’s famous, he’s rich, and he’s miserable. It’s his relationship with Cleo that pierces through his ennui, and which is the saving grace of the film.
  • Cityville
    • Oh dear God. I hope you don’t judge me for this. And if you do, I can’t exactly blame you. I play video games, real video games. So all these social games that have been popping up (which required nothing more than an excessive amount of free time, a long list of equally bored friends, and infinite patience to click and drag) seemed laughable to me. I did try my hand at a few just for the fun of it (Pet Society? Mafia Wars?), but I never really stuck with any of them until…CITYVILLE.

The product of many many hours and much much boredom.

    • This Zynga phenomenon is like crack. You end up resenting your level 82 Facebook friend (you know the one!) and actually spend time planning your city. You start incorporating it into your schedule because you need to harvest your crops and collect rent at a specific time. You get sad when you run out of Goods or Energy and you write on people’s walls because they need to vote for you as Mayor. And you get really annoyed when they don’t, when you’d be like “bitch, all you have to do is click accept!!!”
    • It got really pathetic. I won’t get into details. Suffice it to say that it involved a lot of self-restraint and a Facebook hiatus of three days. But I got out. YOU CAN, TOO. Hi, my name is ****, and I was a Cityville addict.
  • Cupcakes
    • It seems funny now that there was actually a time when I wasn’t into cupcakes. It wasn’t a big deal, I didn’t go out of my way to avoid them or anything. I just thought they were ridiculously overhyped and unbelievably expensive (they were, in the beginning). And now I crave them all the time. My taste buds are traitors.

S'more cupcakes. Photo from thisiswhyyourefat.

Sonja’s Cupcakes. Photo from dessertcomesfirst.
    • Not to mention, I’ve seen every episode of DC Cupcakes.

  • Animal Print Harem Pants
    • The return of harem pants as of late can bring back (mostly unwanted) memories of “elephant pants” and Ice Ice Baby. They’re not for the weak of heart, and certainly not for petite figures who might drown in all that excess fabric. However, the new harem pants are not your grandma’s hammer pants, and after seeing them on the runway (far too many times), I was convinced that I wanted to try to pull them off.

As seen on Ralph Lauren Spring 2009 (yes you read that correctly) RTW

    • Me being me (that is, being occassionally stricken by the desire to wear or own something fabulous, to the point of being sartorially impractical), when I finally succumbed to their allure, I bought a pair in animal print. Naturally.

    • As in all things, the key is balance– voluminous fabric below requires a sleek fit on top. Loose and baggy pants need some tailoring to complement them. Wild animal prints down below? Wear solid colors everywhere else. So I wore mine with the highest black heels I owned, a fitted tank top, and some nice classic accessories to round it off. And, as mentioned, this is not for the weak of heart – you gotta strut it, baby. Confidence level at 150, et voila!
  • WERQ IT, GURL. (This picture was my outfit inspiration)

How about you? What recent trends have you resisted, only to end up loving with all your heart? Talk to me below, I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂


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