The Principle of Non-Intervention

A few days ago, the most prestigious university in the country released the list of accepted applicants for AY 2012-2013. Of the more than 50,000 applicants, less than a fifth passed. Many take the test, only a chosen few get in. This particular university is among the last of the schools to release their entrance exam results, after they were held late last year. In between the test and the results is a desolate land filled with fear, hope, anticipation, desire. Breaths are held and fingers are crossed in this limbo. Such is the rite of passage for the majority of high school seniors.

I was ecstatic that my sister passed all four schools and gotten into the courses she had applied to. The suspense is over, and now the difficulty of making a choice that will potentially change her life forever is at hand. She hasn’t made a final decision yet, but we all know her heart is set. Except for maybe my brother, who wants me to persuade/force/influence my sister to take up a “practical” course. Acceptable choices include Management Engineering, Business Administration, and Accounting. A BS, rather than the less profitable BA.┬áCourses that will make money. Courses with a bottom line and a corner office.┬áCourses with a “future”.

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